Dr. Gary Rose


Dr. Gary Rose retired from the Milpitas Police Department in 1987 and after employment as a police background investigator, corporate security manager, and stockbroker, he entered the educational field as a teacher of at-risk youth in the county's juvenile detention facility. While spending 13+ years teaching at the detention facility, he was asked to create a template for a military style boot-camp academy to teach students who had been suspended, expelled or placed on probation, as a last chance to change their behavior and either graduate from high school, or return to their traditional schools. The academy ran for 2 1/​2 years with an extremely high success rate. It is from the journals of his former cadets (students) that he published HITTING ROCK BOTTOM on behalf of his students in hopes of turning at least one at-risk student around from a life of drugs, alcohol abuse, criminal behavior or gang affiliation. This truly inspirational book is a must read for other teenagers, parents, teachers, educational administrators.

After obtaining his doctorate in Social Psychology, he taught for several years at the college/​university level before returning to teach incarcerated adults preparing for their GED exams.

He currently has two publications: Towards the Integration of Police Psychology Techniques to Combat Juvenile Delinquency in K-12 Classroom, and Hitting Rock Bottom due for distribution in June 2017.

Selected Works

A model program where former police and military personnel, acting as mentors, for in-service teachers in classroom management.
Nonfiction, Memoir
Forty-two cadets (at-risk students) attend a newly created military style boot-camp academy as a last resort to change their lives around or face further incarceration, gang affiliation, drugs/alcohol abuse, or death.

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