Dr. Gary Rose

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Towards the Integration of Police Psychology Techniques to Combat Juvenile Delinquency in K-12 Classrooms

Dealing with students' behavioral problems is one of the most pressing concerns facing educators today, and teachers are feeling inadequately equipped to meet the challenge. The objective of this book is to better understand prevailing delinquency problems in K-12 classrooms, and how teachers address them. Although calls to improve school safety and discipline procedures have escalated, teachers do not have all the tools needed to achieve the goal. This book determines the components of police psychology, and the socio-ecological model that might logically be included in a program designed to reduce K-12 classroom delinquency, based on current theory and research.

In this model program, highly trained law enforcement officers who are knowledgeable in the art of interacting with behaviorally and emotionally troubled individuals in real-life scenarios, similar to those faced by educators in classrooms, would train pre-service teachers to handle challenging behavioral situations; thus, reducing the amount of delinquency in classrooms.

Selected Works

A model program where former police and military personnel, acting as mentors, for in-service teachers in classroom management.
Nonfiction, Memoir
Forty-two cadets (at-risk students) attend a newly created military style boot-camp academy as a last resort to change their lives around or face further incarceration, gang affiliation, drugs/alcohol abuse, or death.

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