Dr. Gary Rose


Towards the Integration of Police Psychology Techniques to Combat Juvenile Delinquency in K-12 Classrooms
A doctoral dissertation modified to book form in which a model program was researched and presented in which former law enforcement officers and military personnel, due to their training, would act as mentors to in-service teachers struggling with juvenile delinquency in their classrooms.

Hitting Rock Bottom - New Beginnings for At-risk Youth
At-risk juveniles are sent to a newly created military style boot-camp academy where a retired police sergeant and the U.S. Army, strive to change the lives of students heading in the wrong direction. Attending an academy based on order, structure and discipline was exactly what they needed. Their journals entries contained in the book, discusses their transformation.

Selected Works

A model program where former police and military personnel, acting as mentors, for in-service teachers in classroom management.
Nonfiction, Memoir
Forty-two cadets (at-risk students) attend a newly created military style boot-camp academy as a last resort to change their lives around or face further incarceration, gang affiliation, drugs/alcohol abuse, or death.

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